CockADoodleMoo, Food Truck and Catering, is owned and operated by my husband (Doug Rollins) and I (Jolie Rollins). Along with our rescue beagle Roscoe, we are active members of the North Raleigh/Wake Forest community.


While we didn't get our wheels under us until 2014, CockADoodleMoo is our lifelong dream, whose real story started over 20 years ago at Crowley's Courtyard where we met and fell in love. Our story begins in the food and service industry where we met some of our closest and dearest friends, even to this day.


Over the next couple decades, Doug stayed in the kitchen honing his culinary skills as head chef at local country clubs, while I took my customer service skills to the corporate world and built a successful career in healthcare. But one thing never changed, all of our free time was spent entertaining our friends and family with new creative recipes, most of them involving traditional or global barbecue. Their feedback grew stronger and louder over time, but always went something like this: 'Oh my goodness, this is ridiculously, good. Why aren't you guys selling these, and more importantly... is there more?'


So together, we decided that 2014 would be the year we lived fearlessly and followed our dreams. It was time... CockADoodleMoo time! We couldn't think of a better way to share our passion for barbecue, true southern hospitality, and making new friends than our very own food truck!


Focusing on fresh, all natural and LOCAL ingredients, we bring the food and fun to you. Whether it's outside your office for a quick lunch, enjoying a beverage at your favorite brewery, or catering your next neighborhood event, CockADoodleMoo is here to serve you like family, with respect, laughter, and a generous side of southern sass!


As firm believers that there is no better way to connect to people than sharing great food, our values are core to everything we do...


  • Charity — We give back to the community that supports us, and we LIVE that by example.
  • Community — We support other local businesses and farmers, and LEAD by example.
  • Culture — Nostagic, but creative... quirky, but fearless... We are Southern, and we LOVE by example.


So let us bring CockADoodleMoo to you! We sell great food... the laughs are free!


With Love,


Doug, Jolie, Roscoe and (just added) Phoebe Rollins


We wish to offer a very special and heartfelt thank you to Marilyn Hines Slaymaker who named us and Heather and Darren Waechter who branded us.